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Three Fast-Grower stocks up over 75% in 2023

May 29, 2023   Category: Fast Growers, Portfolio

Peter Lynch put stocks into one of six categories. According to Lynch, “Fast Growers” were the types of stocks where you might see gains in the 1000% range. Also known as the legendary 10-bagger stock. Check out these potential 10-bagger Fast Growers from our Portfolio Plus.

Hammond Power Solutions

This is a Canadian company with a market cap of just over $500 million. Hammond Power Solutions Inc (HPS.A.TO) is engaged in designing and manufacturing of custom electrical magnetics, cast resin, custom liquid filled distribution and power transformers and standard electrical transformers, serving the electrical and electronic industries.

So far this year the company is up 114%. Even more incredible is its 623% return over the last 3 years. You might think that with this sort of return that the stock is overvalued but its 0.0696 PEG ratio suggests otherwise. Also, its average 5-year earnings growth of 48.62% suggests this company has been growing steadily for sometime.

Preformed Line Products Co

Preformed Line Products Co (PLPC) is a US-based company with a market cap of just over $750 million. It is a designer and manufacturer of products and systems for constructing and maintaining overhead and underground networks for energy, telecommunication, cable operators, data communication, and other industries. So far this year it’s up over 89%.

Considering its remarkable performance it’s difficult to imagine there’s more upside. However, its PEG ratio of 0.2293 suggests it’s undervalued. Also, this company has 5-year earnings growth of 34.52% giving it a decent track record for those who might think its performance has peaked.

Delfi Ltd

Delfi Ltd (PEFDF) has a market cap of just over $600 million. It’s engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of chocolate confectionery products under a variety of brands and distribution of a wide range of food and other consumer products, including agency brands. Geographically, it generates a majority of its revenue from Indonesia.

Year-to-date its share price has increased by over 80%. Its 5-year earnings growth rate is just over 17% and its 1-year is just over 70%. Perhaps the recent run up in its earnings is a start of things to come. At the moment its PEG ratio stands at 0.0933 suggesting its undervalued. If it can keep its earnings momentum going this might make a great portfolio addition.

Want more Fast-Growers?

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