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Peter Lynch Portfolio September 2023

Sep 19, 2023   Category: Portfolio

The Free Peter Lynch Portfolio for September has some new names… let’s take a look at this month’s entrants: A quick glance at Magic Software’s (MGIC) key […]

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Rising oil prices are good for these cyclical energy stocks

Sep 15, 2023   Category: Cyclicals, Oil and Gas

As I write this oil is rising again with WTI crude nearing $89/barrel. Oil producers make more money as prices rise. Here are a few […]


Generational wealth or a university degree?

Sep 7, 2023   Category: Advice, Education

My best friend and I were drinking beers the other night. He told me about saving for his kids university tuition. His wife and him […]

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This boring stock is up over 160% this year

Aug 25, 2023   Category: Cyclicals, Fast Growers, Tesla

When company’s are growing at over 40% usually it’s a tech stock that’s being touted as the next big thing by famous investors like Cathie […]

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Not all spinoffs are sucessful

Jul 28, 2023   Category: Spinoffs, Stalwarts, Turnarounds

In One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch describes spinoffs as having great potential for being successful investments. A few of the qualities he likes […]

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Portfolio Performance so far in 2023

Jul 19, 2023   Category: Portfolio

I thought I’d take a quick look at how the Free Peter Lynch Portfolio was doing so far this year. Six months in and the […]

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Peter Lynch Portfolio June 2023

Jun 25, 2023   Category: Portfolio

The Free Peter Lynch Portfolio, has a few new names in June. Some, like Boise Cascade, we’ve seen before. However, companies like Brasilagro – Cia Bras […]

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Why is Michael Burry buying bank stocks

May 31, 2023   Category: Banks, Diversification, Michael Burry

In the first quarter of 2023 Michael Burry bought New York Community Bancorp Inc (NYCB), Capital One Financial Corp (COF), Wells Fargo & Co (WFC), […]


Three Fast-Grower stocks up over 75% in 2023

May 29, 2023   Category: Fast Growers, Portfolio

Peter Lynch put stocks into one of six categories. According to Lynch, “Fast Growers” were the types of stocks where you might see gains in […]

Peter Lynch Portfolio May 2023

May 25, 2023   Category: Portfolio

Here’s the update for the model Peter Lynch Portfolio for May 2023. There’s a few new names on the list. There’s a few names that […]


Is crypto a good investment?

May 4, 2023   Category: Advice, Bitcoin, Blockchain, crypto, Ripple

I’m not sure and I even know the guy who created Ripple. The internet is filled with stories of ordinary Joe’s who got rich buying […]


Imagine buying Netflix in 2004

May 1, 2023   Category: Advice, Compounding, Education

I don’t have to because I did. It’s true. I bought Netflix in 2004. However, this isn’t my “rags to riches” story. Why? Because I […]

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Essentially there’s two roads to take with investing.

Apr 22, 2023   Category: Advice, Compounding, Education

I’ve been investing for myself for awhile and one thing I’ve learned is that there’s essentially two paths you can take. The first path is […]

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Investment letters are boring. James Bond is not.

Apr 17, 2023   Category: Nick Sleep letters

Nick Sleep is no James Bond but his investment letters are actually entertaining! Yes, it’s true. The Nick Sleep letters are packed with wisdom. Plus, […]

Stocks to Avoid: Beware the Next Something

Jan 4, 2023   Category: Education, Stocks to Avoid

In One Up on Wall Street, there’s a chapter dedicated to six types of Stocks to Avoid. One of them is “Beware the Next Something.” […]

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Stocks to Avoid

Jan 4, 2023   Category: Education, Stocks to Avoid

In Chapter 9 of One Up on Wall Street, Lynch talks about stocks he’d avoid. There are six altogether. Pssst… Check this out!Personally, I’ve done […]

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How I got scared out of a great turnaround stock

Apr 26, 2022   Category: Advice, Education, Turnarounds

Anyone who has lived in the western world in the last 20 years has heard of Chipotle Mexican Grill. The restaurant chain with 3000 locations […]

Lynch’s thoughts on inflation

Apr 3, 2022   Category: Advice, Cyclicals, Education, Inflation

As I’m writing this people are concerned about inflation. Inflation is that event that makes everything more expensive. Businesses don’t like inflation because it chews […]

Balancing life with investing

Dec 20, 2021   Category: Advice, Education

When Lynch said, “invest in what you know” I think he meant it as a suggestion for how to front-run the typical Wall Street analyst. […]

Sometimes a stocks story changes

Sep 12, 2021   Category: Advice, Asset Play, Cyclicals, Education

When I first started investing after reading One Up on Wall Street, one of the things that I noticed was how the story behind a […]

Ignore predictions of the future

Sep 2, 2021   Category: Advice, Education

People are always trying to predict the future. Wall Street professionals love sharing their predictions. You’ll hear Wall Street professionals and economists make predictions about […]

Stocks you know make great investments

Sep 1, 2021   Category: Advice, Education

If you’re like me you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to spend researching stocks. There are thousands of stocks to choose from. […]

Nick Sleep letters – Chapter 4

Aug 15, 2021   Category: Asset Play, Education, Nick Sleep letters

The next chapter in the Nick Sleep letters, he talks about investing in Weetabix and Lucent. However, there are some interesting points he makes before […]

Nick Sleep letters – Chapter 3

Aug 2, 2021   Category: Education, Nick Sleep letters

There are some excellent insights in the third chapter of Sleep’s letters. Sleep talks about investing in Stagecoach and Costco. With Stagecoach he highlights how […]

Charlie Munger recommends three books

Jul 18, 2021   Category: Books, Charlie Munger

I believe that there’s a lot of wisdom for investors that comes from listening to the recommendations of great investors like Charlie Munger. Here are […]

I’m an amateur but I still make money investing

Jul 17, 2021   Category: Advice, Books, Education

The idea that a person with no background in economics, business or finance can make money investing seems crazy. However, I am proof that it […]

How is investing different from gambling?

Jul 13, 2021   Category: Advice, Education

I had a friend of mine ask this question. It’s a great question because when you start to think about it, it forces you to […]

Nick Sleep letters – Chapter Two

Jul 11, 2021   Category: Advice, Education, Nick Sleep letters

The second chapter of the Nick Sleep letters is good. In it he discusses two investments, Monsanto and Xerox. He also gives us a book […]

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How to get rich with $150

Jul 10, 2021   Category: Advice, Compounding, Education

It’s a pretty sensational headline – I know. However, I want to get you thinking about a simple formula for wealth creation called compounding. I’m […]

My portfolio is down $15,000 today

Jul 10, 2021   Category: 2-Minute Drill, Advice, Education

Yeah, it happens. For some investors that amount would seem insignificant but for guys like me, it’s a lot of money. One of the hardest […]

Nick Sleep letters – Chapter One

Jul 8, 2021   Category: Education, Nick Sleep letters, Valuation

It’s interesting to see how successful investors like Nick Sleep think through their analysis for investing. At the very outset, he states his higher-level rules […]

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How to invest in cyclicals

Jul 8, 2021   Category: Cyclicals, Education

If you’re interested in making money in the stock market, investing in cyclicals can be a great way to do it. Last year when the […]

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Buy good companies when they’re down

Jun 12, 2021   Category: Advice, Earnings Line, Valuation

A simple rule for making money in the stock market that I’ve learned over the years is to buy good companies when they’re down. In […]

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Cyclicals outperform tech

Jun 4, 2021   Category: Cyclicals

If you’ve ever read One Up on Wall Street, you’ll know how Peter Lynch talks about cyclicals being great investments. The trick with cyclicals is […]

Lynch’s advice on timing the market

May 28, 2021   Category: Advice, Video

I saw this interview of Lynch and thought I’d share it. He talks about trying to time the market. Always the straight shooter, he says, […]

Basic Accounting

May 21, 2021   Category: Accounting, Advice, Education

It really blows my mind how we don’t learn about accounting in school. I grew up in Canada where we have a pretty good education […]

Nick Sleep letters

May 20, 2021   Category: Advice, Nick Sleep letters

I started reading the Nick Sleep letters. For those of you who’ve never heard of them, they are letters written to the investors in the […]

Warren Buffett speaks about Peter Lynch

May 14, 2021   Category: Video

This is a great clip from a Berkshire Hathaway annual convention where Buffett talks a little bit about Peter Lynch.

Three lessons I’ve learned after investing for myself

May 12, 2021   Category: Advice

If you’re thinking of doing your own investing, then here’s a few things I’d suggest you do. One, start small. You don’t need to invest […]

Arc Resources

Canadian cyclical stocks

May 9, 2021   Category: Cyclicals, Members Only

As Peter Lynch suggests in One Up on Wall Street, timing is everything in cyclical stocks. In April of 2020, I started selling my tech […]