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two gray bullet security cameras

Is it time to buy Napco Security Technologies

Darcy Paterson

Dec 12, 2023  
Fast Growers, Turnarounds

Napco Security Technologies (NSSC) is a US based company that specializes in security and protection services. Since November 1st, or just over a month, the […]

road with u turn in mountains

Two turnaround candidates for your watch list

Darcy Paterson

Oct 4, 2023  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of investing it’s that turnaround stocks can be great investments. In 2013, I bought Activision […]

speed trap

Not all spinoffs are sucessful

Darcy Paterson

Jul 28, 2023  
Spinoffs, Stalwarts, Turnarounds

In One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch describes spinoffs as having great potential for being successful investments. A few of the qualities he likes […]

Chipotle Mexican Grill 10-year chart

How I got scared out of a great turnaround stock

Darcy Paterson

Apr 26, 2022  
Advice, Education, Turnarounds

Anyone who has lived in the western world in the last 20 years has heard of Chipotle Mexican Grill. The restaurant chain with 3000 locations […]