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One undervalued African energy company

When I think of energy, the usual suspects come to mind – the United States, Russia, and of course Saudi Arabia. However, the oft-overlooked continent […]

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Rising oil prices are good for these cyclical energy stocks

Darcy Paterson

Sep 15, 2023  
Cyclicals, Oil and Gas

As I write this oil is rising again with WTI crude nearing $89/barrel. Oil producers make more money as prices rise. Here are a few […]

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This boring stock is up over 160% this year

Darcy Paterson

Aug 25, 2023  
Cyclicals, Fast Growers, Tesla

When company’s are growing at over 40% usually it’s a tech stock that’s being touted as the next big thing by famous investors like Cathie […]

Lynch’s thoughts on inflation

As I’m writing this people are concerned about inflation. Inflation is that event that makes everything more expensive. Businesses don’t like inflation because it chews […]

Arc Resources

How to invest in cyclicals

Darcy Paterson

Jul 8, 2021  
Cyclicals, Education

If you’re interested in making money in the stock market, investing in cyclicals can be a great way to do it. Last year when the […]

SP500, Nasdaq, XEG.TO

Cyclicals outperform tech

Darcy Paterson

Jun 4, 2021  

If you’ve ever read One Up on Wall Street, you’ll know how Peter Lynch talks about cyclicals being great investments. The trick with cyclicals is […]

Arc Resources

Canadian cyclical stocks

Darcy Paterson

May 9, 2021  
Cyclicals, Members Only

As Peter Lynch suggests in One Up on Wall Street, timing is everything in cyclical stocks. In April of 2020, I started selling my tech […]