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Imagine buying Netflix in 2004

Darcy Paterson

May 1, 2023  
Advice, Compounding, Education

I don’t have to because I did. It’s true. I bought Netflix in 2004. However, this isn’t my “rags to riches” story. Why? Because I […]

Woman at the beach between two paths

Essentially there’s two roads to take with investing.

Darcy Paterson

Apr 22, 2023  
Advice, Compounding, Education

I’ve been investing for myself for awhile and one thing I’ve learned is that there’s essentially two paths you can take. The first path is […]

S&P 500 40 year chart

How to get rich with $150

Darcy Paterson

Jul 10, 2021  
Advice, Compounding, Education

It’s a pretty sensational headline – I know. However, I want to get you thinking about a simple formula for wealth creation called compounding. I’m […]