Cyclical stocks in oil and gas are starting to see a revival in interest from investors. The companies I find most interesting are in the oilfield services group.

Here in Alberta where I live, Calfrac Well Services is advertising that they are hiring. In the spring of 2016, they were laying people off. It’s a reversal of fortune that is being spurred on by the increased price of oil and natural gas.

As an investor that follows the Peter Lynch method of investing, here are some cyclical stocks that I am adding to my portfolio:

  • Calfrac Well Services (TSX:CFW)
  • Xtreme Drilling (TSX:XDC)
  • Precision Drilling(TSX:PD)
  • Canyon Services Group (TSX:FRC)
  • Trican Well Services (TSX:TCW)
  • Birchcliff Energy (TSX:BIR)
  • Crew Energy (TSX:CR)
  • Kelt Exploration (TSX:KEL)
  • Cone Midstream Partners (NYSE:CNNX)


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